Way to Go!

You’ve made a great decision to Adopt a Rescued dog. Bringing a new dog into your home is a big deal, count on our Volunteers to guide you through this process.  

Your 5 Steps to Adopting Your Companion, Your Friend, Your Dog!

  1. Let’s get prepared to adopt by asking the right questions, getting your home ready, and freeing up your time to spend with your new dog.
  2. Your information is so important in finding a well-suited dog to your unique situation. Take time to complete the online Adoption Agreement with complete and honest answers.
  3. Be ready for a call or email from your personal Adoption Coach who will answer your questions, share time talking about our dogs, and who will help you set up virtual meet and greets. This step takes time…patience is important.
  4. You did it! You found the dog for you!  Now it’s time to sign the Adoption Contract, make the Adoption Donation, and commit to what it takes to own a dog.
  5. The Adoption is final. Today you will clip on the leash, smile in your adoption photo and load your new dog up to head on home! Now it’s time to welcome your dog home with patience, rules, and love.  


Please check out the link to our Virtual Adoption Page as our timelines for adopting have been updated due to COVID-19 which have resulted in changes to our Organization, simply CLICK HERE.

What Type of Dog is Right for You?

Dogs vary greatly in size, energy level, and temperament. Here are a few things to consider before you select your dog.

  • If you enjoy outdoor activities such as swimming, hiking, and running, consider whether your pet will have the energy level to participate.
  • If you prefer evening walks and lounging on the couch, a lower energy dog may be a good match.
  • If you would like to adopt a larger dog, he will need ample space in a backyard to run around and play. Smaller or less active dogs might be a better match for small yards. 
  • If you have children, you’ll want to make sure they’re compatible – that neither will be too rough for the other, and that your children understand how to properly care for and interact with a dog.

Consider your lifestyle and personality, along with how much time you spend at home, how much time you spend away, and how much space you have when deciding which dog is right for you. Take some time to research various dog breeds to ensure you find a dog that is a good match for you.

Complete an Application

Let’s get your application running along!

Take your time completing the On-line Adoption Application, the form is easy to follow and will take just a few minutes. Complete the Labs & More Adoption Application HERE.

Your Adoption Coach will be reaching out to you to get to know YOU! Keep an eye on your email and phone messages. Be ready to share information like… your dog experience, what breeds you are considering, ways you will interact and exercise with your dog, and where your dog will spend their time.

Time to get to know the Dogs

Great News! Let’s schedule the Virtual Meet and Greet!

There is great information regarding the COVID-19 requirements around meeting dogs in person, please click here to view those. Lucky for you many of the dog meets can be done Virtually.  You will be scheduled for your meet as soon as your dog is ready, the foster can set up the meet, and you can join us for the meet. 

Enjoy your time meeting the dogs both in-person and Virtually. Be safe, get to know your potential new best friend, and be sure to ask questions. Our Volunteers are here to help you.

Be realistic….be sure you can provide the dog you are considering to adopt, time, energy, love,  as well as provide for him financially.

Decide if this is the dog that you were dreaming of. Let’s take a minute to be sure. Did he bond with you and you with him? Can you deliver what he needs? Are you a match? Does this new forever friend fit in with your family?

If the answer is YES…It’s a match!

Remember we are estimating the breed and often the age of our dogs. We do our best to share information but it is up to you to make the final decision based on what you see for yourself.

The Road Home! 

Signing the Adoption Agreement and making the Adoption Donation make the adoption official. Be sure to read through and understand all that is asked of you when you adopt. Your dog is counting on YOU to know the process. 

Finally, your new forever friend is ready to go home. Help them adjust with patience, rules, and love. Check out how to Prepare Your Home for your new dog’s arrival.

A couple of last minute reminders: Purchase good dog food, a slip leash, flea treatment, a dog bed, toys, an appropriately sized crate, and treats for training. You are signing an agreement that you will provide ongoing medical and daily care for your dog. You are also committing to allowing your dog to be an inside dog and that they will never be allowed to live or sleep outside. 

Be sure to share with your tax advisor your adoption donation so you can get your tax deduction, one more benefit of adopting!



You are a new proud dog/pup parent – and we sincerely thank you for providing a home for a rescued dog!


We started this journey with your dog, now it’s your turn to help your rescued dog through each new step of their journey of life. 


We love getting updates on our dogs. Please keep us posted by tagging us on social media!