Dear Dog Loving Friends,

COVID-19 has surely created unprecedented times. We are here to do our best to help you rescue your new best friend.  Our Volunteers like you are in these stressful times trying to keep some sense of normalcy. While we get through these times we hope you will be patient with our Volunteers and understand we are dealing with limited resources including access to our Veterinarians, access to rescued dogs, as well as a significant reduction in our donations.

We are happy to share that so many people are looking to adopt during this time but also sorry to share in many situations a dog or puppy you are applying for may be in the adoption process at the time you apply. Your patience will help in finding your new dog or puppy. Once you are approved then your Adoption Coach will put you on your wait list. The more flexible you are the faster this process will work for you.

With over a 1,000% increase in adoption Inquiries there is just no way we can respond to all the questions.  We hope you will review our website and the Q&A page which will help guide you. We want to be transparent in sharing that each puppy will have over 50 people or inquiries requesting to meet them so please understand we are not passing you by but we just don’t have enough dogs and puppies right now to meet the demand.

Labs and More has updated our Adoption Process to Virtual Meets when possible which means you will meet your dogs via facetime. Home meets are conducted with social distancing, sanitizing and the wearing of masks. Please allow additional time for our Volunteers to process and schedule these meets. Thank you for helping us all stay safe.

We look forward to helping you adopt.  Once your submit your application, you will receive an email or phone call from a Volunteer. If you don’t hear from us within 2 weeks please reach out to us at Your personal Adoption Coach will guide you through the adoption process.

Our goal is to be upfront and transparent regarding the adoption timeline and your expectations during COVID-19. We hope we can work together without receiving poor reviews or nasty comments regarding the time it takes to adopt. We agree these are different times and we wish it were better as well. Trust that we are working hard to help you find your forever friend. 

These are hard times for Volunteers working to save dogs while trying to keep the RESCUE Open and Operational.

Thank you for being kind. Let’s be together in this.

Labs and More Rescue

Please review the Frequently Asked Questions pages for more information regarding adopting a rescued dog.