What is your application process?

Please visit Your Path to Adoption for adopting a rescued dog by clicking here.

How come it takes so long to get approved? 

Due to restrictions and changes caused by COVID-19 our adoption process timeline has changed. Please review the information by clicking here.

Why do I have to wait so long to be approved?

The average processing time for approving your application is normally about 7 days, however during COVID the times have been extended. Please see the link above for more info.

Do I need to send in photos of my home and yard?

By sending in photos you provide us valuable information that can help your Adoption Coach learn more about you and what dogs might work best in your situation. It will help us speed up your adoption process but they are not required.

I don’t have a yard. Can I adopt?

Yes, as long as the dog is the right fit. Labs and More Dog Rescue works with families in all types of living situations. With that being said, we might determine that some dogs (due to age, size, or energy level) might not work in a home without a yard. Your Adoption Coach will work with you to find a dog that is a fit for your home and lifestyle.

I rent. Can I adopt?

We adopt to many families who rent. You will need to review your rental agreement and let us know what breed, age, and size of dog you are approved to adopt.

My Adoption Coach suggested I meet a particular dog, is that my only choice?

Your Adoption Coach is there to guide you and will offer suggestions on dogs that could be a potential fit for your family but that is not your only option. We may guide you away from certain dogs based on our knowledge of that particular dog.

When I apply to adopt a rescue dog, can I adopt the dog I list on my application? 

Applications are received hourly and therefore families may be ahead of you in the adoption process and want the same dog you do. So the dog you list might not be available. We suggest you get approved to adopt, learn about the dogs we have and then select the dog the best matches with you and your family to meet.

I want to get a rescued dog as a gift for someone.  Can I do this?

Sorry this is really not a good idea and we do not allow our dogs to be given as gifts. Exceptions can be made if it is a child who is going to participate in the selection.

I’ve adopted from you before. Do I have to apply again?

If your situation has changed substantially since your last adoption we suggest you submit an updated application letting us know you are return adopter, otherwise just send us an email that you would like to adopt again.

My landlord does not allow dogs, however, I’m adopting a rescue dog as an Emotional Support Animal (ESA) and have a letter from my doctor.  Can I adopt?

You must have Landlord approval to adopt if you are a renter.


Where do you get your dogs?

Our dogs come from some of the hardest of situations. We take in many injured dogs, moms who are pregnant and living on the streets and dogs on their last days in shelters. We are not breed specific or shelter specific. We save dogs who need us the most.

How do you find out the backstory of the dogs on your site?

We rescue dogs who need a chance at hope and often life. Dogs dumped on the streets, left in night drops, or turned in at shelters who rarely know anymore about the dog then where they were found. We are happy to share information about the dog from the time they have been in our care.

What breeds of dogs do you have?

We love all breeds of dogs and are not breed snobs! You will find many different breeds although more of our dogs favor the larger mixed breeds.

How do you determine the age and breed of the dogs?

We work with our dog trainers, Veterinarians and Volunteers to do our best at estimating the breed and the age of our dogs.

I am looking for a small breed dog, is there a list I can get on?

We work with a small breed rescue who may be better suited to your needs.  Check out the available dogs at No Wagging Tails Left Behind Rescue at

Are your dogs house or potty trained?

You can find out this type of information by reading the bio’s of the dogs. Most adult dogs currently being fostered will share if they are house trained in their current environment. Puppies 8-12 weeks of age are rarely house trained as they are usually living as a litter.

Are the dogs good with cats/kids/other dogs?

You can find this information by reading the bio’s of the dogs. Please also know these are animals and they will and can react differently in new environments.

Do you normally have puppies?

We always have puppies. However, many times they are in the process of being adopted. It is best to get approved and ready to adopt so when the next litter becomes available you are ready to adopt.

At what age do you adopt out puppies?

Puppies are ready to adopt at 8+ weeks of age or older. They must be 8 weeks of age to be spayed or neutered.

How big will my puppy get?

Rarely do we know both the mom and dad of a litter, that said we base our estimates on the size of the puppies and the mom. If you have size restrictions it is best to adopt an older puppy who is closer to full grown or adopt from a litter where we know both the mom and the dad. 

Can you tell me the breed of the mom and dad of the puppy litters?

As with all our dogs we do our best to estimate the breed of the puppies based on what we know. Most litters come in with a mom but rarely do we know who the dad was.


Once I get approved, how do I meet the dog I want to meet?

With COVID-19 we are not conducting our normal weekly adoption events. Please review our COVID-19 page for more information by clicking here.

Can I meet the dog at your facility?

Sadly we do not have a facility. Most of our dogs are in foster homes. We are currently conducting home meets as well as Virtual meetings with our dogs. 

Can I be on multiple puppy waiting lists?

Right now the demand for adopting puppies far exceeds our available pups so we are asking each person to be on one waiting list at a time.

Can I just pay for a puppy and pick it up without meeting it?

We do not adopt out a dog or puppy without a meeting with the family.  It is important that you and the dog meet before adopting. 

What is your waitlist process?

Due to an overwhelming interest in adopting right now we have created wait lists for our dogs and puppies. Once approved you will receive an email letting you know that you have been placed on a waiting list. As the dogs become available we will let you know if you are next to meet the dog or puppy.

Can you hold a dog I want?

We are not able to hold dogs. The day you meet and adopt your dog you will be bringing them home with you.

I’m going on vacation, but I want a dog that is available now.  Can you hold it for me or can I adopt and put it in boarding?

Now is probably not the best time for you to adopt. There will be many more wonderful dogs for you to adopt when you return.

Can I foster-to-adopt to see if the dog is a good match for my family?

We are not set up to handle this type of adoption.

I have a dog and want to bring them to meet the new dog I am about to adopt. Can I bring my dog to the foster home or to the meet?

As long as your dog is up-to-date on vaccinations and is dog friendly and comfortable meeting dogs on leash, we can arrange for dog-to-dog introductions. Please discuss this with the foster prior to bringing your dog to the meeting.

I have met the dog and I am ready to adopt him/her.  When can I take them home?

That day! Your dog will be ready to go home with you. Be sure to bring a leash and a crate for transportation home.


What is the cost to adopt?

For an outline of Adoption Donations please click here.

What does the adoption donation cover?

So much! We are a non profit all Volunteer Organization, our expenses are paid for by generous donations through many fundraising events.  Your dog has received care at one of our locations that provided food, exercise, baths, transportation,and a dog bed to sleep on all paid for by donations. On top of that we also  provide medical care to include in most situations: Spay/Neuter, all needed Vaccinations, Medicine, Veterinary Exam, Medical Care including any surgeries or treatment, Fecal Testing, 4DX, Flea Treatment, and Worming. All of this far exceeds the Adoption Donation amount.

Why are your dogs so expensive? I thought they were rescued dogs.

Adopting a dog is worth every dollar. As a non profit we receive no governmental funding. Without generous donations and our Fundraising efforts Labs and More would not exist, without us these dogs have no chance at LIFE.

How do I pay for my dog?

We accept cash and local checks.  You can alos pay on your phone at the adoption meeting,  .  We also accept credit card payments as well as PayPal.


How and when do I get the records for my dog?

Please review your Adoption Agreement, there will be a date on page two under Medical Records. An email will be sent to the address you used for your adoption within 10 days of adopting. If you do not receive them in this time check your spam folder and then send us an email at

We just adopted and are wondering when we should visit our Vet?

Be sure to review the Adoption Paperwork emailed to you regarding any care that may be due for your new puppy or dog.  If you adopted a puppy there may be vaccinations that are needed which are very important for the health of your puppy. In most situations we suggest a puppy visit within 2 weeks and an adult visit within 30-60 days.

Do you have Veterinarians you recommend?

The paperwork you received when you adopted included a lists of Veterinarians for your reference. Email us at if you would like us to send that to you. We do suggest that you research and find a highly qualified Vet with good reviews.

Do you have dog trainers you recommend? 

The paperwork you received when you adopted included a lists of Trainers for your reference. Email us at if you would like us to send that to you. We do suggest that you research and find a highly qualified Trainer with good reviews.

What if my adoption doesn’t work out, what do I do?

Please review the Adoption Agreement for information regarding the return of your dog. You will need to complete the Owner Surrender form which is located at   You cannot give the dog to any other person or organization.


How long has Labs and More been operating?

Labs and More was founded by a group of Volunteers in 2011.  We are proud to share since 2011 our Volunteers have rescued over 11,000 dogs who needed a helping paw. 

When I make a donation, where does the money go?

Your donations go directly to the care of our dogs. Over 95% of our expenses are directly related to the day to day care of the dogs, the remainder is for services like computers, insurance, and legal fees. Our group is run by Volunteers with no paid employees.

Can I add Labs and More to my Will or Estate Planning?

That would be wonderful and the answer is Yes. We can provide you the necessary information. Just email us at

Are donations to your group considered tax deductible?

Yes. We are a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Your adoption fee as well as any donation can be considered tax deductible, please check with your tax advisor.

How do I become a Volunteer with Labs and More Dog Rescue?

Please visit our website at, or click here “about us” and learn about who we are and what we do. If you are interested in helping, fill out the Volunteer Agreement on our website at  become-a-volunteer. Our Volunteer Manager will reach out to you to find out how you would like to get involved. We are taking on Volunteers during COVID 19.