Dogs require a lot of time, patience, care and consistency.  How much time are you able to commit to your new dog?  Now is a good time to make sure you’ve thoroughly considered how a new dog will impact your life.


• What energy level will work for your lifestyle?

• Is it feasible to adjust your schedule to accommodate their needs?

• Do you have the ability to purchase all of the necessary supplies & medical care they will require? 

• Are you able to provide the necessary training?

• What will you do with them when you go on vacation? 

• How will they be cared for in case of the unforeseen, such as separation from your partner, moving, etc.?


Being well prepared in having provided for these questions will ensure a solid future for you and your adopted dog.

Think about which type of dog best suits you.  Take some time to research breeds & their temperaments and energy levels to make sure you select the proper match. 

• What kinds of activities do you enjoy and will your new pup enjoy them as well?

• Swimming, hiking, running, big public events, evening walks or just lounging?

• Do you want high energy, low energy or somewhere in the middle?

• What age best suits you?

• What level of training do you expect your new friend to have, and what do you feel confident to provide the necessary training for?

This is a life-changing event, and one that can last more than 10 years.  Be prepared to make that lifetime commitment while thoughtfully considering all of the necessary elements to selecting the proper dog/puppy for you – as well as the pup.


All good?  Then let’s do it!


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